Air conditioning | Mid-Tech Services Ltd.

Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Service, and Repair
Works carried out in accordance with Statutory Regulations, HSE Approved Codes of Practice, Bespoke Maintenance Regimes (i.e. CIBSE, HVCA) and Manufacturers Specifications.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Installation, maintenance and service of all types and manufacturers' split Air Conditioning systems.

R22 Phase Out
In accordance with the EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (FGas) Regulations 2014 the use of Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFC's) is currently being phased out. Mid-Tech Services, as an FGas accredited company, can advise regarding the use and retrofitting of alternative refrigerants. Our FGas registered engineers are qualified and competent to carry out all works from retrofitting to complete system replacement and commissioning. We can prepare your FGas register and carry out the necessary works required to keep it up to date and your business compliant with legislation.

Installation, maintenance and service of all makes and models of chillers.

Installation, maintenance and service of all types and manufacturers' refrigeration equipment.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps offer an energy efficient method of heating and cooling in climates where demands are moderate. Utilised as a replacement for electric heating, a 30 - 40% reduction in consumption can be achieved.