Ventilation | Mid-Tech Services Ltd.

Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Service and Repair

Works carried out in accordance with Statutory Regulations, HSE Approved Codes of Practice, Bespoke Maintenance Regimes (i.e. CIBSE, HVCA) and Manufacturers' Specifications

Air Handling Units
Installation maintenance and service to all types of Air Handling Units and Plant.

Ductwork and System Installation
Manufacture and installation of ductwork systems and associated components in accordance with applicable specifications including Heating and Ventilation Contractors Guide DW/172.

Ductwork Hygiene and Cleaning

Ductwork and ventilation system cleaning in accordance with Heating and Ventilation Contractors Guideline TR/19 and other bespoke regimes. TR/19 recommends that kitchen extract ductwork, where contamination with grease may or will occur, is cleaned at frequencies ranging from 3 to 12 monthly dependent on usage levels.

Fire Dampers
Various guidelines and standards including Heating and Ventilation Contractors Guideline DW/145 and BS9999 recommend that dependent on type and method of activation, fire dampers are checked annually as a minimum.