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HVAC Services Contract marks our exciting entrance into the automotive industry

Our growth continues with a giant leap into the world of automotive, after securing a contract a HVAC Services Contract with an award-winning car dealership.

Sytner represents the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers with state-of-the-art showrooms across the UK. One of its most popular dealerships is located in Solihull, near Birmingham. Every year, thousands of customers flock to this convenient location to check out the automotive dealer’s superb car selection.


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Workplace ventilation and air conditioning in the context of Covid-19

An employer’s guide to ventilation and air conditioning in the workplace designed to ensure your staff and visitors remain safe during the pandemic.

Creating a safe workplace environment for employees and visitors is of paramount importance to any business owner. In particular, the use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems during coronavirus (Covid-19). In this article, we share some valuable guidance on how to improve air quality and reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus within your factory or office.