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New merger set to help deliver even better HVAC maintenance services

In a bid to improve our Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance services, we’ve merged Mid-Tech with Mid-Tech Airflow.

Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020, we’re continually looking for ways of improving our HVAC maintenance services. As we look to expand Mid-Tech and cater to more clients across the UK, we recognised the importance of maintaining the quality and speed of our services.


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Workplace fire legislation in the UK: are you compliant?

Learn everything you need to know about fire safety to ensure your workplace is compliant with the latest fire safety legislation in the UK.

Whatever type of business you have or industry you operate in, fire safety is of paramount importance. While achieving fire safety compliance in your workplace is relatively easy to achieve, there are still a lot of businesses who either don’t understand the importance of it or are simply oblivious to what’s required.