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Alternatives to fossil fuels in commercial buildings.

Discover the alternatives to fossil fuels, where the come from, how they can help in commercial environments and why they are important.

For many years, renewable energy has been a less popular choice compared to many fossil fuels. Renewable sources have always been far more expensive and difficult to use to a similar operational level like that of fossil fuels.


Energy Saving Blog


What are seasonal energy efficiency ratings?

Seasonal energy efficiency is now mandatory for all energy products throughout Europe. Discover how to correctly calculate your energy efficiency ratio. 

If you’re debating installing a new air conditioning system for greater seasonal energy efficiency, you’ve probably encountered various rating acronyms in the sales literature. Those acronyms reveal the energy efficiency and can help you compare the performance of each model.


Energy Saving Blog


The future role of hydrogen in the HVAC sector and the race to Net Zero.

As a potential solution for the 2050 net zero target, hydrogen offers a viable option for our energy concerns. Discover the possibilities of hydrogen with HVAC installations.

In a world consisting of expanding populations and ambitious economic incentives, multiple countries also pledge to achieve net zero emissions over the coming decades.


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How are LED lights sustainable, and why are they important?

Sustainable lighting is important in today’s fast-moving world. The question is, are LED lights environmentally friendly and will they make a difference to your business?

How we light up the places we work has a significant impact on our global environment. The type of bulbs, fixtures, power, and habits we have, can all add up and substantially alter the environment around us. The same can be said about our businesses and carbon footprints. Finding sustainable lighting for your work premises can have many benefits. The question is, how are LED lights sustainable and are they worth investing in? Here’s everything you need to know.