Our Solution

Due to the age and cost of the existing lighting system, this dealership required a brand-new modern alternative which was completed in two phases.

Phase 1. Back of house and sales offices:
Workshop, MOT bay, body shop, parts, sales and aftercare offices, MD and directors’ offices, toilets.

The project began by stripping out all the existing fluorescent fittings and environmentally recycle all fluorescent tubes. We sent any redundant metal light housing and cardboard packaging for recycling too.

Within the workshop, MOT bay and parts garage we installed multiple Saxby 50w, 6000 lumen cool, class 2 LED white panels. These bulbs boast an A++ energy rating combined with low glare and high brightness for maximum performance.

Within the bathrooms and staircases, the cool white Saxby 18w SiroDISC LEDs were installed. The 20mm ultra slim profile can fit into the slimmest of voids. The edge lit technology and high power SMD LEDs offer an even, superior light output, with no dark spots and reduced glare featuring an energy rating of A++ once again.

The light source inside the body shop is paramount for the technicians to perform to the best of their abilities. The JCC 100w ToughBay 5700k was the perfect option for this. Again, coming with an A++ energy rating, JCC Lighting’s ToughBay is designed and engineered for ultimate durability. With IK10 protection against impact, it is relentlessly hard wearing and is suitable for the harshest environments with IP65 protection against dust, moisture, and environmental contaminants. They can also withstand extreme operative temperatures, from -30°C up to +45°C.

To avoid lights staying on all night, all new lighting is switched on/off via PIR motion sensors. Finally, within this phase of the project, the emergency lighting in all above area`s were upgraded with emergency battery conversion driver kits to fit LED panels.

Phase 2. Front of house car showroom:

The second phase of the project began by stripping out all of the existing fluorescent fittings and environmentally recycle all fluorescent tubes. We sent any redundant metal light housing and cardboard packaging for recycling similar to phase 1.

To fit in with the Porsche brand, we installed 109x bespoke Fagerhult frames across the two floors of this dealership in the stunning Porsche Silver finish. Each frame has 2x 17.5w 4000k LEDs producing 1980 Lumens. Simply put, these energy efficient LEDs produce an incredible transitional colour temperature and level of brightness (making the cars looks even better!).

Within the main entrance to the dealership, the higher elevated ceiling meant installing slightly more powerful bulbs than the rest of the front of house area. 37x bespoke Fagerhult frames were again fitted in the Porsche silver, consisting of 52.5w 4000k LED track lights producing 5450 Lumens. Although matching the exact colour as the rest of the interior lighting, these bulbs are physically much bigger and brighter but produce the same stunning aesthetic.

Both phases of this project were completed in daytime working hours and without any disruption to normal Porsche operations with all high-level works completed on scissor lifters.

The Result

Following successful installation, this stunning dealership now boasts state-of-the-art LED lighting technology.

As a result of our combined hard work with JDB Electrical Solutions LTD, we have delivered an energy-efficient, low maintenance, compliant and controllable lighting system that is set to significantly reduce the energy consumption and running costs compared to Porsche’s previous installation.

Aesthetically, this dealership looks better than ever before. The natural tone of the LEDs help illuminates the vehicles so that their appearance matches that of natural daylight, helping to create a vivid and realistic experience for the end user.

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