Commercial & Industrial Premises.

Create cleaner working environments and reduce business costs.

Bespoke solutions designed specifically to enhance large scale buildings.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Having a large scale building that promotes clean air and can maintain a constant and comfortable temperature all year round is something that employees and clients desperately seek. Comfortable employees are healthier, happier and more importantly, productive! In large scale commercial or industrial buildings, employers need their workers to be more motivated and their customers to feel at ease if they want their business to be more profitable.

Our HVAC systems will help you achieve more savings when it comes to energy bills. With a fully integrated HVAC system, you can control the temperature of specific rooms, monitor airflow, create cooling/heating schedules via building management systems (BMS) and eradicate potentially dangerous particles – including Covid-19!

Mid-Tech Services provide comfortable and high performing HVAC systems for commercial and industrial buildings throughout the UK, including: retailers, hotels, offices, factories, warehouses, agricultural buildings and more. Depending on your environment, we will recommend ideal solutions for different requirements, increasing productivity amongst staff, saving you money on your energy bills and keeping your building up-to-date and compliant with legislation.

Commercial & Industrial

Increase Staff Productivity

Massively improve staff productivity by minimising distractions, increasing concentration and reducing stress.

Commercial & Industrial

Reduce Costs

Massively reduce business costs by utilising our super efficient HVAC systems and maintenance services.

Commercial & Industrial

Remain Fully-Compliant

Full installation and maintenance services ensuring you stay fully compliant and up-to-date with current legislation.


Pleasant working conditions can be created in commercial and industrial buildings in a number a ways, with effective lighting being a significant contributor. The right lighting can enable optimum functioning, satisfaction and a ‘task-centric’ atmosphere. The correct solution can initially be expensive, but is designed to be longer lasting, more durable and have superb energy saving potential.

Light has a considerable influence on both our bodies and minds. The correct amount of daylight and artificial light will positively affect our health and offer improvements in satisfaction, through a creative, dynamic and motivating environment. Appropriate light can inspire, improve communication, set a mood and influence emotions resulting in a general sense of well-being, all things that are crucial for commercial and industrial environments.

A carefully balanced lighting system will take into account a number of factors, including illuminance, uniformity, glare, flicker and colour, in order to provide optimal conditions. At Mid-Tech Services, we approach these elements by putting them at the forefront of any design. Discover our lighting solutions by chatting to our team today.

Air Purification.

Airborne contamination has always been a problem in society. However, as we find ourselves amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re becoming more aware of how easily viruses can be transmitted. In particular, when there’s a high density or turnover of people indoors such as those in large scale commercial and industrial buildings like shops and warehouses.

One solution to the prevention of Covid-19 indoors is a biological air treatment system, otherwise known as UVC air purifiers or UVC air sterilisers. Using ultraviolet C (UVC), biological air treatment systems/UVC air sterilisers can sterilise ambient air, killing bacteria, mould, yeast, spores and viruses – including Covid-19.

Quality UVC air sterilisers are completely safe to use. While radiation exposure can be as equally as damaging for humans, the technology has been developed to protect people and kill the things you don’t want to spread. Book a demo to find out more..

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