Achieve better productivity rates and happier employees

When people have clean air to breathe, they generally feel and function better. Optimising a ventilation system and/or ductwork installation will help extract stagnant and polluted air and constantly replace it with fresh, filtered air.

In turn, this provides a sense of wellbeing for employees and makes them feel like they’re breathing in something natural. Fresh air in buildings also helps to dramatically reduce to spread of air-borne diseases like Covid-19 by HALF.

Whether you need us to install a new air handling unit (AHU) or clean an existing ductwork installation, our qualified team can significantly enhance your working environment.

Competitive ventilation contractor based around your needs

Every quote we provide for ventilation and ductwork installation is bespoke to you. We listen to your needs and tailor a solution accordingly.

Thanks to our wide network of suppliers, we’re able to attain the very best prices on materials required for all aspects of ventilation and ductwork fabrication.

To learn more about our ventilation and ductwork services, take a look at the list below. Keep updated with our latest news by following our socials on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  1. Our team are on hand to carry out any preventative or reactive work as per the Statutory Regulations, HSE Approved Codes of Practice, Bespoke Maintenance Regimes (i.e. CIBSE, HVCA) and Manufacturers’ Specifications.

  2. We can install new air handling units, as well as carrying out any servicing or maintenance jobs on all types of existing models.

  3. Our skilled team can manufacture and install new ductwork systems and associated fabrications in accordance with the latest workplace regulations, including Heating and Ventilation Contractors Guide DW144 and DW/172.

  4. Keep your ductwork fabrication and ventilation system running efficiency with our cleaning services. TR/19 recommends that kitchen extract ductwork, where contamination with grease may occur, is cleaned at every 3 to 12 months, dependent on usage levels.

  5. Various guidelines and standards including Heating and Ventilation Contractors Guideline DW/145 and BS9999 recommend that dependent on type and method of activation, fire dampers are checked annually as a minimum. Our team can do this quickly and at a low price.

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