Planned maintenance

Get ahead of the curve by calling in Mid-Tech to carry out routine maintenance on internal and external building fabrics. By doing this, you can reduce the likelihood of any sudden issues from occurring during peak times and get the best possible deal on materials.

Reactive building fabric repairs

Sometimes building fabric damages happen without warning. Our team are always on hand to help fix any issues quickly at an affordable rate.

Any building fabric materials we use will be of the highest quality to maximise its lifecycle and reduce deterioration. While all cleaning and maintenance jobs come with a quality guarantee covering you for the next 6 months.

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  1. An integral part of our building fabric maintenance services is cleaning. We offer annual or bi-annual cleans for your building at a competitive price to ensure you don’t face any roof leaks or damages which could impact business productivity. On top that, we can provide any necessary full relining and repair jobs on guttering too.

  2. Our roofing works and repairs enable you to keep the elements out and make sure your business continues to function at an optimum level. Whether you need us to look at a specific building roof or a whole portfolio, our team will work quickly to complete the work.

  3. The other building fabric service we offer is drainage maintenance. As time goes by, sinks and drains can get blocked by oils, fats, leaves, dirt or other workplace substances. Or in more serious cases, your drains can face structural problems due to subsidence, root intrusion and corrosion, which could compromise the safety of your business and employees.

    Our team can carry out emergency jetting call outs to unblock drainage systems and keep operations running smoothly.

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