Our Solution

We provided a 12-month contract, including planned preventative maintenance and any emergency maintenance callouts.

This exciting contract deal is based on 2 planned visits per year that optimise performance for a  longer duration.

The first planned visit will be our ‘major maintenance’ visit. This involves inspecting all of their air conditioning and heating equipment, including hi-level, and looking over all annual certifications.

The second visit will be our ‘minor maintenance’ visit. Similarly, this involves all A/C and a visual inspection of heating and gas fired equipment but excludes hi-level access to supply grills.

Our proposal with Graypaul Birmingham also gives them access to our emergency call out and repair service. This service provides them with on demand support when they need it, for complete peace of mind.

The result

During the month of May, our team implemented an effective plan and completed the first of our two annual visits whilst keeping any business disruptions to a minimum.

During this visit which happened over two days, our team thoroughly serviced various plant equipment for Graypaul Birmingham including:

  • 4x Mitsubishi City Multi Condenser units
  • 2x Mitsubishi Mr Slim Condenser unit
  • 12x indoor Cassette Air Conditioning units
  • 1x Mitsubishi Hi Wall Mounted Air Conditioning unit
  • 1x Zip AquaFlo Boiler
  • 5x Reznor Radiant Tube Heaters

As a result of our hard work, Graypaul Birmingham can continue to operate as normal and welcome guests safely back to visit their phenomenal collection of automotive vehicles and our team are extremely excited for this agreement to continue and grow and flourish into the future.

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