Our Solution

Working with both the direct centre owners and the on-site service company, we offered a variety of services, including maintaining all gas-fired air handling units serving the shopping mall, as well as those in the management suites.

Other services provided as a part of our reactive building management services included:

  • Roofing and building fabrics
  • Fire prevention
  • Central core wooden flooring/lift flooring installation
  • Lift lighting installation
  • Toilet refurbishment
  • External woodwork
  • Cladding

The Result

Over the years, our team have worked in a timely and efficient way to minimise disruptions and its impact on the customer shopping experience.

We’ve responded to every on-site building maintenance requirement within a few hours, working closely with the centre owners and on-site service company to find a rapid, cost-effective solution.

Some of the notable projects we’ve completed over the years, include:

  • The replacement of numerous gas-fired air handling units
  • The replacement of all car park entrance and exit doors
  • Assisting in the replacement of several escalators
  • Working directly with retailers to keep them operating at maximum capacity – including Selfridges, Zara, Boots, Debenhams, Apple and HMV

As a result of our hard work, we’re happy to announce we’re still currently maintaining all gas-fired equipment for the Bullring.

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