Why HVAC is important?

In any commercial business, people will come and go, increasing the risk of airborne infections and affecting working conditions. To ensure you maintain clean air quality in your building and minimise costly energy consumption, you need to invest in a smarter HVAC system.

The benefits of our HVAC installation and maintenance services include:

  • Providing greater control over temperatures for a better work environment
  • Reducing humidity and eradicate condensation
  • Minimising energy waste and your carbon footprint
  • Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment to reduce the spread of airborne viruses like Covid-19
  • Increasing the unit life cycle by identifying any potential issues earlier on
  • Ensuring your business stays compliant
  • Saving on heating bills

Will HVAC systems spread Covid-19?

When it comes to assessing the impact of HVAC systems and the transmission of Covid-19, it all depends on the type of HVAC system and the measures you’re taking as a business. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of spreading a virus when high-speed air flows past an infected person, you can drastically reduce the risk.

Our expert HVAC technicians can make simple adjustments to increase the exchange rate with outside fresh air to minimise recirculation. The key is to stay on top of maintenance and replace old HVAC systems with improved solutions.

As well as HVAC installation and maintenance services, it’s also worth investing in a Sterilair UVC air steriliser. These innovative devices use ultraviolet (UVC) to sterilise ambient air, killing mould, yeast, bacteria and viruses like Covid-19.

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What can a HVAC technician do to help your business?

At Mid-Tech Services, our fully qualified HVAC technicians can design, install and maintain first-class heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Since 2008, we’ve helped many businesses maximise energy efficiency, improve their employee well-being, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

  1. We can install high quality and energy efficient HVAC systems tailored to your business for an affordable price.

  2. Alternatively, our HVAC technicians offer an extensive life cycle package to ensure your existing HVAC systems continue to create a safe and comfortable environment all year round. This also includes advising on how to stay compliant and finding ways to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and other air-borne diseases.

  3. Keeping employees warm is integral to employee productivity, well-being and health. We can install top-quality commercial gas-fired plant and heating solutions that keep energy consumption and costs low.

    For complete peace of mind, all our services adhere to The Workplace Regulations too.

  4. It’s pointless having a brilliant air conditioning/heating system if your ventilation doesn’t facilitate these innovative solutions.

    At Mid-Tech Services, we’re ventilation system and ductwork specialists. Our highly skilled fabricators and welders can install, repair and conduct any maintenance work quickly. Or if necessary, we can offer complete ventilation installation services to ensure your employees experience clean, warm and fresh filtered air.

  5. We offer efficient air conditioning solutions. All our technicians are F-Gas registered and have extensive experience and training. Whether you need a new air conditioning unit installing or an old one repairing, our technicians can work with some of the most complex systems from several manufacturers – including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Hitachi, Panasonic and more.

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