Our Solution

Working directly with the Studio’s management, EMELEC Building Services and the team at Powrmatic, we began the install procedure.

The biggest challenge for our team wasn’t the removal of existing equipment due to these being new builds, but rather the height of these metal clad studios where the heaters were being installed.

This dictated that the gas main and gas fired heaters had to be mounted at a staggering height of 10 meters. Luckily, these heaters are optimised to work in a wide variety of buildings and have very good airflow characteristics. This was also enhanced by Powrmatic’s LNVx60 Downflow Heads angled at 30 degrees to focus heat and airflow towards the ground of the studios.

Another way our team overcame the height problems, was by installing sixteen Powrmatic CECx High Velocity Thermal Destratification Fans across the 3 studios. With low running costs, minimal maintenance and designed for higher level mounting, these fans will automatically recirculate high level hot air down into the studios.

The Result

Following successful commissioning, the ten Powrmatic Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heaters and sixteen Destratification Fans are now fully operational.

As a result of the whole on-site maintenance team, Garden Studio’s newly built complex benefits from an energy-efficient gas fired heating solution which ensures the studios, occupants and tech equipment are kept at optimal temperatures throughout the coming years.

The easy-to-use Powrmatic MC300 heating controller, allows for the flexibility of variable time and temperature control as well as an optimised start and stop prediction. By continuous monitorisation of the systems, it can determine the optimum time to turn the heating on to raise the building temperature to the required level.

We’re very pleased with the final outcome on this project, with many thanks to the management at Garden Studios, EMELEC Building Services and the team at Powrmatic.

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