Our Solution

The installation started to take place.

We decided to utilise Toshiba R32 RAS SEIYA High-Wall units connected to 2 outdoor condensers. The new RAS SEIYA has been designed with maximum comfort in mind and is a cost-effective silent solution that uses new Toshiba Inverter and compressor technology with R32 to offer A++ cooling and A++ heating performance for year-round comfort.

We installed four of these Toshiba R32 RAS SEIYA High-Wall units throughout the home. 1x unit in the downstairs living room connected to a single split  condenser and 3x units situated in the upstairs bedrooms connected to a multi-split condenser. Both outdoor condensers were installed at the rear of the property on the roof above the kitchen area of the home.

SEIYA offers exclusive features and high performance making everyday comfort a reality for all:

  • Elegant and slim-line flat-panel design.
  • Energy Class A++/A++ cooling and heating modes ensure exceptional energy savings and unparalleled comfort levels.
  • Extremely quiet operation down to as low as 19dB(A) in silent mode.
  • Dustless coil (special coated aluminium fin) for improved efficiency.
  • Self-cleaning function to prevent mould formation on the heat exchanger coil.
  • 2D airflow control with horizontal motorized louvers: pre-set directions or automatic sweeping.
  • High quality air circulation.
  • Wi-Fi compatible adapter fits inside or outside all models.
  • User friendly wireless remote control.
  • Comfort Sleep temperature control.

The Result

Following successful commissioning, the Toshiba R32 RAS SEIYA High-Wall units are now fully operational.

As a result of our hard work, this stunning home will see an immediate improvement to home comfort and energy efficiency. The low running costs, paired with the reliability of Toshiba products will be a choice this client will never regret!