Our Solution

With plans and designs finalised, the industrial modern office begun to emerge.

The team at TJK Builders initially worked on the foundations in the main lobby whilst also constructing the six individual offices: three on the ground floor and three on the first floor. Within these offices, the Mid-Tech engineers installed individual wall mounted units all on separate remote control to allow for maximum flexibility in each office.

Within the main lobby of the building across the ground and first floor, we installed four ducted fan coil units connected to two 25kilowatt outdoor twin split units. All pipe work, communication cable and drain lines were contained on cable tray horizontally and boxed in metal trunking vertically to give the industrial look required by the client. All fan coil units (FCU) ducting was insulated to stop any condensation when cooling and reduce heat loss in heating. Nozzle jet outlets were also installed with air control dampers as requested by the client.

Finally, within the extension at the rear of the building, we integrated four ceiling cassette air conditioning units. Again, two on each floor. The ground floor units being 3.5kilowatt each, connected to a 7.1kilowatt outdoor unit. And the first-floor units being 6kilowatt each, connected to a 12.5kilowatt outdoor unit.

Below shows the progress from the different installs our team completed..

The Result

The building has now transformed into a sleek, industrial looking office space with super-efficient heating and cooling capacity.

As a result of our combined hard work with TJK Builders, this once rundown warehouse is the happy home for LIME TREE WORK SHOP. For over 20 years this beautiful, iconic building on Lime Tree Walk has been lying derelict and unloved. This historic warehouse, right in the heart of Sevenoaks, has been transformed into a stunning coworking space. A unique venue with lots of natural light, high ceilings and striking architectural features. The office now has a perfect year-round climate control capability which will keep running costs low and reliability at a premium.

The final set of photos below show the concluding outcome of the renovation.

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