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The future role of hydrogen in the HVAC sector and the race to Net Zero.

As a potential solution for the 2050 net zero target, hydrogen offers a viable option for our energy concerns. Discover the possibilities of hydrogen with HVAC installations.

In a world consisting of expanding populations and ambitious economic incentives, multiple countries also pledge to achieve net zero emissions over the coming decades.


Heating Blog


11 clever ways to save money on heating

How do you save money on heating bills? Discover eleven innovative ways to make your property or premises more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

While heating remains essential to the comfort of our homes and the function of our working environments, finding ways to reduce our energy consumption is becoming an important issue for multiple reasons.


Heating Blog


Programmable thermostat benefits and tips

Uncover the key benefits of using a programmable thermostat and how to get more out of these innovative devices.

Programmable thermostats are a popular choice in homes across the nation, and for good reason too. Programmable thermostats offer a “set it and forget it” method for homeowners and come with a whole host of benefits.




Christmas HVAC safety tips

Christmas is a busy time of the year, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your maintenance facilities in the office. So, before you leave for Christmas break and enjoy the well-deserved time with the family, here’s a list of helpful Christmas HVAC safety tips you can implement to ensure your HVAC system is kept feeling merry too!

The Christmas spirit is well and truly underway at Mid-Tech. The decorations are up, and the festive songs are blaring. But as we start to wind down for the end of 2021 and intensify the sense of holiday, we also need to make sure all our customers are looked after. Their HVAC systems need to be in tip-top condition to weather the winter storm.




How to avoid HVAC problems in the winter

Winter is coming. Learn why HVAC maintenance is important during the winter and how you can avoid any costly problems moving forward.

The heating and cooling effectiveness of your HVAC system are important during all seasons. But winter is one of the worst times to have HVAC system failures. Believe us!


Air Conditioning Blog


What is HVAC?

We get asked endless questions about HVAC. “what is HVAC? What does it do? Is it a product?” And so on. So, lets compile all we know and get the bottom of the question on everyone’s lips. What is HVAC?

A number of reasons have come together in recent times that have made HVAC systems much more relevant in pretty much all types of buildings. These include the world-wide push to cut carbon emissions, considerable increases in global energy costs, the mass improvements in technology in HVAC systems in recent years and of course the Covid-19 pandemic. So, what is HVAC? Here’s everything you need to know!