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The future role of hydrogen in the HVAC sector and the race to Net Zero.

As a potential solution for the 2050 net zero target, hydrogen offers a viable option for our energy concerns. Discover the possibilities of hydrogen with HVAC installations.

In a world consisting of expanding populations and ambitious economic incentives, multiple countries also pledge to achieve net zero emissions over the coming decades.


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UVC air steriliser and Covid-19: why it matters in the workplace

Learn about the importance of UVC air disinfection and how it can help you combat airborne infections, such as COVID-19, in close contact environments.

Airborne contamination has always been a problem in society. However, as we find ourselves amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re becoming more aware of how easily viruses can be transmitted. In particular, when there’s a high density or turnover of people indoors.


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Workplace fire legislation in the UK: are you compliant?

Learn everything you need to know about fire safety to ensure your workplace is compliant with the latest fire safety legislation in the UK.

Whatever type of business you have or industry you operate in, fire safety is of paramount importance. While achieving fire safety compliance in your workplace is relatively easy to achieve, there are still a lot of businesses who either don’t understand the importance of it or are simply oblivious to what’s required.