How much does it cost to install and run air conditioning?

Discover everything you need to know about air conditioning installation prices from the initial purchase to the running of such equipment.

Attempting to choose the correct air conditioning system for your business? Or simply working out whether it would be a good climate control option for you? Whatever your situation, discovering how much air conditioning costs to purchase and run is a great way of working out your best options. Here’s everything you need to know.

*Figures in this blog are industry average and can change depending on your situation!*

What are the different types of air conditioners and their initial costs?

First things first, let’s take a look at the different types of air conditioning systems and how much each system costs to purchase and be installed.

  • Portable air conditioning systems
  • Split air conditioning systems
  • Central/Ducted air conditioning systems

Portable air conditioning installation prices

Portable air conditioning systems are among the most popular within households or small working environments as they can be easily sourced through most retailers and are “initially” cheap to purchase and they do not require installation.

For a decent portable air conditioning system, you could be looking at paying at least £150.

Split air conditioning installation prices

A split air conditioning system splits between an outdoor and indoor unit. Split units are favoured over central/ducted systems as they are consistently less expensive to acquire and install.

We must remember that split systems can be installed in a range of power outputs with the cheapest option being the lowest (least powerful) output.

For one decent split air conditioning system with the lowest output (2.5kw), costs start from £1200 and upwards for the purchase and installation of the system.

Central/ducted air conditioning installation prices

Central or ducted air conditioning units are the most popular choice of system for larger commercial buildings. These systems work via a central unit and use ductwork to supply the conditioned air throughout a building.

Due to all the ductwork that’s involved with this type of air conditioning system, the initial installation price is naturally a lot higher than the units we’ve previously mentioned.

For one central/ducted system with the lowest output (2.5kw), costs start from £2,950 and beyond.

Installation prices can vary depending on numerous factors, but we will offer complete transparency on the work and prices required every step of the way*

If you have any questions, please get in touch or chat to us using the chat box on the right hand side of the screen!

However, you shouldn’t make a decision based on air conditioning installation prices alone. To get a deal that’s right for your business, it’s crucial to investigate the air conditioning running costs of every system too.

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How much does it cost to run air conditioning?

Like air conditioning installation costs, it’s impossible to say for sure how much your system could end up costing to run. There are lots of variables you need to consider before making an all-important decision.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner per hour?

As a rough indication, we’ve created a quick guide on air conditioning running costs for the most popular outputs (kw) of systems operating at our recommended temperature; 21 Degrees Celsius.

Air Conditioning Unit Output Room Size Cost to run Per Hour
3.5kw Very small (500 sq. ft.) 18p
5.0kw Small (950 sq. ft.) 28p
6.0kw Small – Medium (1260 sq. ft.) 35p
7.0kw Medium (1570 sq. ft.) 41p
8.0kw Medium – Large (1880 sq. ft.) 47p
10kw Large (2420 sq. ft.) 62p
14kw Very Large (3660 sq. ft.) 95p
Your room: length x width = sq. ft. (approx.)

These figures are industry average and can vary depending on many factors*

The difference in hourly prices between systems may seem relatively small but it will certainly add up over time.

If you’re eager to install air conditioning in your workplace and would like to know more, please get in touch. At Mid-Tech Services, we can give you a tailored quote on how much it’ll cost to run an air conditioner every hour.

Air conditioning running costs – depending on the system

Looking back to the different types of air conditioning systems, you’re probably curious about their running costs. Here’s a quick rundown.

  1. While their initial price tag is very attractive, portable air conditioning systems are often more expensive to run and are also much less effective in cooling compared to their counterparts.

    They’re great for a quick fix but aren’t built to last. So, you could end up spending more replacing them frequently.

  2. Split systems are among the most popular choice for both domestic and commercial use due to their remarkably high efficiency rate. Split air conditioning systems have a solid track record of being relatively “cheap” to run.

  3. Finally, central/ducted air conditioning systems, while offering a refined property-wide solution, these units aren’t the most efficient or economically friendly resolution.

    The temperature of the air can and will often change temperature while travelling through the ducting.

    A central/ducted air conditioning system is most suitable for larger companies with lots of office or warehouse space.

Factors that can affect air conditioning running costs

There are quite a few things that can make a significant difference to air conditioning running costs. Finding out more about these factors will help you create a more accurate cost estimate for your new climate control.

  1. Air conditioning systems come with different efficiency ratings, and they can make a big difference in how much the system costs to operate.

    The more efficient the unit, the cheaper your electric bills will be. Obviously, there’s usually a higher initial cost involved in buying a more efficient air conditioning unit. However, investing in a more efficient solution will often provide long-term value.

  2. Another recommendation is to purchase an air conditioning system with the correct output that dictates how powerful your climate control is.

    Having a system that’s not powerful enough will result in the system being operational for longer because it’s always trying to play catch-up. On the flip side, an air conditioning system that’s too powerful will waste energy and lead to higher monthly costs.

    If you need any assistance in choosing the correct air conditioning system and size for your business, get in touch with us today.

  3. Systems can be fitted with controls that’ll impact air conditioning running costs. Features like a programmable thermostat can help make sure your system is operating only when needed.

    A system offering remote control via an app is another handy solution to help you manage things when plans change.

  4. It may sound obvious but considering how well insulated your property is very important.

    If you have a new-build property or a building with higher levels of insulation, it will help reduce your air conditioning running costs. This is due to the air in your property remaining at the temperature you want for longer.

    Properties with poorer insulation typically have higher air conditioning running costs. The air indoors is highly affected by air outdoors. So, if it’s a warmer day, you might find it to be warmer inside your property even with air conditioning turned on.

  5. Believe it or not but maintaining your air conditioning will make a big difference to your running costs. For optimal results, we recommend having your systems serviced twice a year. This level of frequency will keep airflow as efficient as possible and ensure air conditioning running costs remain low.

    Luckily, Mid-Tech Services can take care of all of this for you. We’ll inspect and maintain the system by cleaning the coils and changing the filters, including checking the refrigerant and ducts.

    Our expert engineers will provide any minor repairs, adjustments, or lubrication to keep the system running at peak performance.

    Alternatively, if you require air conditioning installation, we’re here to help as well.

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