Thank you for 2022.

It’s the time of the year where we like to reflect on our achievements and thank our wonderful staff and clients for their constant support.

2022 started out as a wait and see year with many sectors still overcoming the devastating effect brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost a year on, its turned out to be another great year for Mid-Tech Services with more growth than ever before. This of course would not have been possible without our loyal clients, team, suppliers and of course, industry contacts.

If we have learnt anything from the past few years, it’s our talent for overcoming setbacks and adapting to new methods of operating in the face of adversity. We can safely say that we are proud to be in the position that we are and will continue to push into the future.


In a moment of reflection, here are some of our highlights on our development over the last 12 months:

Experiencing another year of considerable growth, with even bigger aims set in place to achieve by 2023/24.

Growing our maintenance base, we have won some of our most prestigious buildings and clients this year, developed existing contracts to the next level and even broke into completely new and exciting sectors.

Hiring new and training our talented staff, we have hired new staff across or departments, put our engineers through new development courses and promoted from within.

Award winners, we were announced as the best HVAC services provider in the West Midlands on the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 hosted by SME News. Just wow! Massive thanks to our wonderful team.

Panasonic Pro Partners, It was a great honour for our company to announce we have become a pro partner with Panasonic for the following heating and cooling range; RAC, PACi & VRF systems. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our installations and for our standards to be recognised in this way from a leading manufacturer is a fantastic achievement.

New vehicles in the fleet, with the ever-growing Mid-Tech team especially in the engineering departments, we needed to supply each and every mobile engineer with a van. Our rapid response times don’t appear from nowhere!

Social media expanse, with the creation of a new marketing role in 2021, we have seen rapid growth across our ever-important social media pages and a lot of improvement on the Mid-Tech website with enquiries flooding our phones and emails.

Looking after each other, we have tried our absolute best to look after our staff and our staff have done the same for the company.

Looking into the future.

With HVAC becoming more and more prominent across the planet whilst we all try our best to become greener, we know that our clients see the value in our bespoke service helping them to slash business costs via maintenance and decarbonisation of business systems.

This year ahead will no doubt be characterised by action, with industry leaders keen to reignite and follow operational strategies. The adaption to new cost constraints, condensed teams, and supply demands will have to be faced. This may lead to reductions in work opportunities for some organisations, but we are certain the future for Mid-Tech Services is one that develops as new services offerings become available.

Humanities challenge to become carbon neutral is the toughest one we have faced yet and we as a business are doing everything we can to help. We’re proud to announce Heat From Air, a brand-new division working alongside Mid-Tech Services to deliver green heating and cooling to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Focusing on the installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps, this division will be powerful in decarbonising properties before the banning of gas boilers within the next 10 years.

It’s a very exciting moment for us as we launch a brand-new website in the next couple of weeks alongside this service. Mid-Tech Services will be operating the same so no need to worry about that!

Thank you.

During a time of heightened anxiety our engineers have been amazing, and our experienced managers have done a fantastic job mentoring and working with the staff, supporting colleagues, and keeping a calm head at all times.

With resilience cultivated during the pandemic, we look forward to tackling the challenges of 2023 head on. The attention to detail, which is part of our DNA, will continue to underpin Mid-Tech Services as a world-class service provider delivering tailored HVAC solutions for our clients.

Wow, we have been busy, but it was all worth it! We are ready and raring to go again in 2023. Thank you all for the support over the last year and we wish everyone happiness and health moving forward.