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Is an air conditioner bad for the environment?

It’s time to do your part for the planet. Learn about the impact that air conditioning has on the environment and what you need to do to continue using these solutions responsibly.

Air conditioning is designed to keep environments cool and comfortable through the heat of the summer months. It’s a solution that many of us rely on to keep us motivated at work, happy at home or comfortable in a restaurant.


Air Conditioning Blog


3 air conditioning benefits you can’t afford to ignore

Does air conditioning improve productivity in your business? Uncover all in this employer’s guide on the benefits of air conditioning.

In the summer months, the chance of employees feeling sluggish in their business environments will be on the rise once again.


Air Conditioning Blog


How much does it cost to install and run air conditioning?

Discover everything you need to know about air conditioning installation prices from the initial purchase to the running of such equipment.

Attempting to choose the correct air conditioning system for your business? Or simply working out whether it would be a good climate control option for you? Whatever your situation, discovering how much air conditioning costs to purchase and run is a great way of working out your best options. Here’s everything you need to know.


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HVAC Services Contract marks our exciting entrance into the automotive industry

Our growth continues with a giant leap into the world of automotive, after securing a contract a HVAC Services Contract with an award-winning car dealership.

Sytner represents the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers with state-of-the-art showrooms across the UK. One of its most popular dealerships is located in Solihull, near Birmingham. Every year, thousands of customers flock to this convenient location to check out the automotive dealer’s superb car selection.


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Workplace ventilation and air conditioning in the context of Covid-19

An employer’s guide to ventilation and air conditioning in the workplace designed to ensure your staff and visitors remain safe during the pandemic.

Creating a safe workplace environment for employees and visitors is of paramount importance to any business owner. In particular, the use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems during coronavirus (Covid-19). In this article, we share some valuable guidance on how to improve air quality and reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus within your factory or office.


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UVC air steriliser and Covid-19: why it matters in the workplace

Learn about the importance of UVC air disinfection and how it can help you combat airborne infections, such as COVID-19, in close contact environments.

Airborne contamination has always been a problem in society. However, as we find ourselves amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re becoming more aware of how easily viruses can be transmitted. In particular, when there’s a high density or turnover of people indoors.


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New merger set to help deliver even better HVAC maintenance services

In a bid to improve our Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance services, we’ve merged Mid-Tech with Mid-Tech Airflow.

Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020, we’re continually looking for ways of improving our HVAC maintenance services. As we look to expand Mid-Tech and cater to more clients across the UK, we recognised the importance of maintaining the quality and speed of our services.