3 air conditioning benefits you can’t afford to ignore

Does air conditioning improve productivity in your business? Uncover all in this employer’s guide on the benefits of air conditioning.

In the summer months, the chance of employees feeling sluggish in their business environments will be on the rise. According to various economist sources, there’s a clear correlation between productivity and keeping cool. However, maintaining the optimum temperature during the height of the British summer is a real challenge.

Although many contributing factors can help increase employee productivity, bringing comfort through air conditioning is a clear benefit you can’t afford to ignore. Here’s why.

The importance of air conditioning in offices

There are many downsides to working in a hot or cold workplace. If it’s too hot, employees will soon feel lethargic and struggle to concentrate. On the flip side, creating a cold environment will make employees uncomfortable and increase the risk of illness.

The key is to establish a happy medium. Harvard Kennedy School believes human productivity peaks at between 18C and 22C. To find these optimum temperatures within an enclosed business environment isn’t easy, especially with the ever-expanding use of heat-generating technologies. Nowadays, mobile fans or opening a window won’t suffice.

The function of the air conditioning system is to regulate the temperature when it’s too hot and warm up the air when it’s too cold. A quality air conditioning unit also absorbs the excess amount of moisture inside the room, helping maintain humidity levels.

The benefits of air conditioning (why it matters)

Air conditioning benefits in the work environment

One of the most telling air conditioning benefits is the way it keeps the working environment comfortable. If you’re not 100% happy, it can impact your ability to focus on work for an extended period. Consistency is an important aspect of productivity, and the temperature control provided by air conditioning makes this straightforward to achieve.

Air conditioning enables you to reach an optimum working temperature for everyone. With the distraction of physical discomfort mainly dealt with, employees can relax and focus on delivering great work.

Air conditioning benefits to health

Believe it or not, an unexpected benefit of air conditioning is in its role to prevent health issues. Making sure the temperature and humidity levels in the work environment are comfortable can prevent health problems and allergies triggered by diverse weather and seasons. Health issues such as sunstroke, dehydration, exhaustion and stress can all be factors if the environment is too hot, which will have adverse effects on productivity.

Even the cold weather brings its own threats to the health of employees. Colds, flu, dry skin and sore throats are all risk examples. However, if your air conditioning is at a comfortable temperature, it will reduce the likelihood of illnesses caused by a loss of humidity and drastic temperature drops.

Sick days can impede the productivity and growth of your business, placing greater importance on air conditioning. You must take steps now to ensure you prevent temperature or seasonally influenced illnesses from affecting business performance.

Air conditioning benefits to technological performance

Your office probably has numerous pieces of tech that make your business function. Yet, computers, printers and scanners all need to be working in harmony for your operations to consistently thrive.

Excessively hot temperatures can cause equipment like this to overheat regularly, interrupting the workflow and decreasing productivity.

Technology needs to be maintained to keep it running at peak efficiency, so it’s essential to keep the environment around your equipment at a suitable temperature. If you have constant, uninterrupted access to the technology central to your work, productivity will see a natural boost.

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