Is Air Conditioning more efficient than Central Heating?

In need of an economical heating solution? Lets explore why an air conditioning system may be the solution you’ve been searching for indefinitely. 

Here in the UK, the weather is well known for being very inconsistent and can change from blazing sunshine on one day to blisteringly cold on the next. For many of us, when the weather starts to deteriorate and get colder, we will always try to wear an extra jumper or dig out our fluffy socks before we begin to look at the thermostat for the central heating.

However, there comes a time when we have to resign ourselves to the fact that our central heating is going to have to come on. The trouble many of us find with central heating (and why we push it back for as long as possible), is that it can be quite expensive to have on over a period of time. Particularly so, when the weather really starts to cool down and those pesky gas companies keep raising the price of gas..

You may tell yourself that there is no way of avoiding these winter costs and you just have to accept them. But we’re here to show you why investing in a modern air conditioning system may be the solution you’ve been searching for indefinitely. So, is air conditioning more efficient than central heating? Let’s explore!

Air conditioning heating capabilities.

Surprisingly, we come across plenty of people who don’t realise that air conditioning heats as well as cools air. Yet, most modern air conditioning systems are heat pumps which means they are capable of heating and cooling. And they do this in a much more economical and energy efficient way then your everyday central heating system!

Technically, the air conditioning unit produces heat by operating in reverse. When put in heating mode, the reversing valve is flipped, and the flow of refrigerant through the system changes direction. The hot condenser coils now become the cold evaporator coils, and vice versa. Instead of venting the hot air outside, it is the cold air that gets expelled while the warmed air is pumped into the room.

A split system is an ideal choice for controlling the temperatures in medium to large rooms or open plan living areas. Plus, if you’re short on space and need to warm several rooms, a multi-split system offers a multi-room heating method that covers more than one room with a single outdoor unit.

What’s more, with an air conditioning system, there are no unsightly radiators on the walls, saving you wall space and allows for an even distribution of heat throughout.

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So, could air conditioning save you money on your heating bills?

The short answer is yes! Obviously, the amount saved will still depend on how much you use the system, but air conditioning units are much more economical than standard central heating systems like gas boilers.

A modern-day air-conditioning system is able to produce 3 kilowatts of heat for each and every kilowatt of electricity that is uses. When you compare this to the 1 kilowatt that central heating can produce for the same amount of energy used, it makes sense how this is the case.

So, an air conditioning system could cut your heating bills by as much as a third. Pretty impressive!

Of course, there is still going to be an investment into buying and then installing the system into your home or office. However, the return on this investment will be noticeable very quickly and will provide benefits over the long term to your carbon footprint too. Don’t forget that when summer arrives again, you can use the same system to keep you cool! You can maintain a consistent climate throughout the year, even in unseasonable weather. It definitely is the best of both worlds.

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